Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Move

This is kind of a long story, but I wanted to write it down so we will never forget it. It's pretty amazing how things work out and feel strongly that this is where we are suppose to be. 

Back in the begging of January we were looking at building and came across a house in Springville we really liked. It was beautiful and had some great features, so we hurried and put our house up for sale and put an offer on this Springville house. Well it was a pretty crazy few days and they happened to get another offer on the house, so it turned out the be a bidding war---We lost-- We were bummed. We felt strongly that we were suppose to be there. Our house was up for sale and we did alot of work to put it up for sale, so we decided to leave it up and see what happens. We looked at alot of different houses and didn't love any. We were showing our house like crazy, but no offers. It is hard to show a house. I always wanted it to be perfect and clean- but man, sometimes we would have a half hours notice. IT WAS CRAZY. 

Anyways we did find another house in Lehi we really liked. It had only been up for sale 24 hours, so we hurried and put an offer on it. We were really thinking this was the one. We were again very excited about it. We got excited for nothing. It had 3 offers on it,  in that 24 hours. Now our offer was contingent if we sold our house. We again didn't get it. I cried a little about this one. I just couldn't figure out what was going on.It was hard. 
We were going on vacation at the first of February so we told our Realtor that we would leave it up while we were gone and go from there. We got an offer while we were gone. But it was no where to what we were asking for. It actually made me mad. We got home and decided to put it off the market. We were done. We had nothing to lose,we loved our house. We just wanted a bigger kitchen and living room area. So we decided to add on. Mike graduated in Construction Management- he has build several houses- why not. So in March we started looking at different things we wanted and liked. We got an engineer and were getting ready. One day Mike was outside and a couple and there Realtor drove by and stopped him and said they were interested in our house. They were the same couple that offered us the low offer before. Mike kindly said no that we weren't selling it. The offer again wasn't what we were asking for and we were just planning on building on. 

Now it's the begging of April and Mike was leaving for New York with Cole. We have some great friends that grew up in New York, so they came by and brought Mike a book to take with them. Now these great friends go back to when Mike and I were first married and lived in Alpine. We would babysit there  4 kids while they went on vacations. We loved their 4 kids and loved their house. When we were thinking of building- we wanted to build their floor plan. We have always loved it. 
While they were dropping off the book they mentioned that they were going to put their house up for sale. We were bummed because we would love to buy it. But we had our plans for our addition all ready and I didn't want to go through selling our house again. 
Mike was going to hand in our plans to the city that Monday, but we talked about it and decided to hold off a week. We talked about putting our house up for sale again and seeing about buying this house in Alpine. We loved the area- We new the area. It was in our same ward when we first got married and we always loved this ward. So we decided to give it a week and pray about it. 

Mike was out of town that Thursday and got a message from our agent that we got a full price offer on our home and to call him right away. Mike thought maybe he called the wrong guy. Our house wasn't even for Sale. 
He was the right guy. That same couple came back and offered us full asking price. We took it and called up our friends and offered to buy there house and 6 weeks later here we are. It was honesty crazy. 
It is amazing how everything worked out. We still can't believe it. 
I will be honest- packing was hard. Especially with 4 little ones. I started early and tried to pack a little each day, but it was hard. I never want to move again. 
We have such great families that helped so much and when we got up here to Alpine- we had great friends and neighbors help too. We don't know what we would of done with out them. 

We loved our "Old"  house. We have so many great memories there. We are missing some of our good friends too. The good news is were aren't far. We have had them over several times and it's been fun. It's amazing as soon as we started putting down our stuff- how it didn't feel like ours anymore. Your stuff in it- makes your home. 
 This is our "New" home. We are loving it and love the lot size. We have a park right behind us and the boys are loving that. We also have such great neighbors- lots of little boys. We also have deer all over. The boys go out on adventures all the time. 

We look back at January and  how frustrated we were that it didn't work out with the Springville and lehi homes, but now we know why. We were suppose to be here in Alpine. We love it. 
We feel very blessed and so happy to be all settled in. 


Logan and Tanya said...

It's beautiful, Torie!! So so happy for you guys!!

Tyler, Amanda, Braxton, and Boston said...

WHAT IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok seriously dying over here!! That is our old neighborhood !!!! That is the Briggs home! We lived with Dave and Jeri beck for 1 year then Bob and Charlene pollan for the rest my cousin now lives there!! When I was reading your story I got home sick for Alpine and my mind went right to this street our "Old" Street! We are praying we make it back there one day too we lived there for 5 years! SO CRAZY! Where did the Briggs move too? sorry totally just can't get over this! Love there house so glad your are the new owners! SUCH AN AMAZING WARD/NEIGHBORHOOD!!