Friday, March 15, 2013

Cole's big day.

 My sweet Cole was Baptized on Saturday March 2, 2013. It was such an amazing day. He was so excited and so ready. I will never forget his smile on his face when he came out of the water. It was priceless. 
He is such a good kid and loves the gospel so much. He makes me happy. 

Here is some of his baptism pictures in his new suite.

It was a beautiful sunny day. The warmest we had this year. It was perfect. 
During the week we had a dear friend of ours pass away. He was my Grandma's boyfriend for 14 years. He had become a Grandpa to us all. Well just our luck- his funeral was that day at the same time. We ran to his viewing before Cole's baptism- we felt bad we couldn't make it to the funeral, but we had a special day. 
We were sad that Grandma Glenda couldn't make it the baptism. 

Cole and his daddy. 

Me and my sweet boy. 

The Christofferson and Varney family. 
We have such an amazing family. We feel so blessed that our kids have such wonderful examples to look up too. We love them all so much. 

Cole with his Grandparents.

 Great Grandpa Merrill 

Best Cousin-Friend Deegen

Brother Box conducted the baptism. 
Cole loves Brother Box. 
 Sister Sevy came and Cole loves Sister Sevy.
 Ms. Tina Cole's preschool teacher came. She is like part of our family. We love Tina

Best Friend Brody came.

Cole's 2nd family the Hoggans came. Him and Max have been such good friends the past 3 years. He loves his Mom Megan and Grandma Jennifer. 


 It was such a wonderful day. I am so grateful for Cole and his example to our family. His brothers and sister look up to him so much. I do too. He keeps his momma in line.