Friday, February 1, 2013

Mikes Birthday

Mike's Birthday was last Saturday. It was so fun having it on a Saturday and being with him all day. 
We started the morning off by Shirley's orange rolls for breakfast. His favorite. While he was eating and holding little sis- she had a blowout and all over daddy's shirt. We laughed pretty hard. Happy Birthday Daddy. 

We then went bowling. We had such a fun time. Cole was on fire and he won. Mike took 2nd, Zander 3rd, and me and Jayce tied for last. We aren't the best bowlers. Haha
 Poor Jayce fell the day before on the ice and really hurt his neck. He woke up screaming. He was in so much pain. We took him to Dr. Clifford on Monday and he totally sprained his neck. He was really banged up. 
 Daddy with his little girl. 
 Zander loved it. 
 Cole couldn't wipe the smile off his face. 
 My fab 5 right there. Love them all so much. 
 Then to Wingers for lunch. 
 Home for presents and  cake

What a great day.
Mike Happy Birthday. I love you more and more each day. 
I am one lucky girl. 


Diane said...

WHat fun you guys have. I love that you document all the important days of your lives with pictures and everything. You'll be so glad someday.