Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Loving Christmas Time

I love this time of year. One of my favorite traditions of ours is to go to Temple Square to see the lights. We always go the Monday after Thanksgiving.We have really lucked out the past 2 years and had great weather.  We had a great time. Love my sweet family. 
Temple Square 2012

 It was so pretty. The sky was so blue and with all the lights. 

My Cuties

 Sweet Tess was just bundled in the mobby wrap the whole time. She loves her mobby wrap. 
 We always have to go to the spot where Mike proposed to me. Yes we are pretty cheesy. 11 years ago- crazy. 

A few days later we checked the boys out from school and went to Festival of the trees. They were pretty excited because they helped with our friend Will's tree and they couldn't wait to see it.
We also got to see Santa. Zander wasn't so sure. He talked to him, but didn't want to let go of mommy. 
 Here they are in front of Will's tree. Such a neat experience.