Friday, March 28, 2014

My Jayce

Back on December 7- Jayce turned 7. He has sure grown up so much this past year. It is such a huge jump from Kindergarten to 1st grade. He is doing well in school and is our social kid. He loves people and friends. He isn't scared of anything and he is still my sweetie. One of the most tender hearted kids I have ever seen. He tells me probably 25 times a day how much he loves me. He is always so happy and loves his brothers and little sister more then anything. He is a special boy and love him so much. 

We had a birthday party for him this year.His birthday was on a Saturday, so it was perfect.  Of course it was Star Wars Party. Here he is with his daddy before his party. 
 Me and my sweet guy.
 We had the house all ready for Jedi Training. 

 We made Light Sabers and Jedi robes. The kids loved them. 
 Then it was onto Jedi Training.
 Mike was a great Jedi Master. After Jedi Training- they fought Darth Vader. It was fun. 
Here he is with a few of his buddies. 

That night we went to the Live Nativity here in Alpine with all my family. It was really neat, but of course it was a blizzard. 
 Our family picture during the snow storm. It was crazy and freezing cold. After we went home and everyone over for doughnuts and hot chocolate . It was a great birthday. 

 Love you Jaycer. 


Back on October 19- Cole was helping Mike do yard work. He is such a good helper and is growing up and he is wanting to do more. I was in laying Tess and Zander down for naps and the boys were outside. 
Mike was using the electric hedger and Cole wanted to try. Mike was hesitate and said "Not yet bud" But Cole really wanted to help do it. Mike let him try and he did a great job. Anyone that knows Cole- knows he is very responsible for his age and is a perfectionist. Mike helped him do a few and then let him do it. Mike went over and was grabbing something and Cole was busy working away. Then Cole let go with his one hand to move a branch and the hedger is a little top heavy and swayed down and got his fingers. He was wearing thick leather gloves- thank goodness, but it sill cut his fingers and it was bad. Mike grabbed him and a towel was laying in the garage so he wrapped his hand in it. He couldn't even tell if is fingers were still attached.
 I was just going outside when they came into the garage. Oh my heart aches thinking about it. Blood was everywhere. The towel was soaked. Mike said get in the car- I grabbed my shoes and off we went. 

 We left Jayce with the 2 little ones and I drove as fast as I could to the ER. I called Mikes Mom and she ran over to the house. When we left poor Jayce was just crying on the front porch. He was so worried. I called my parents and my dad  met us at the ER. 
On the way down Cole was going into shock. He was shaking and didn't know what was going on. It was so scary. 
We got there and it was so busy. Of course right? They were great and got him right back. 
He didn't get a room because they were all being used, but they got a bed in the hall way. 

They got him settled and gave him some medicine.Mike and my dad gave him a blessing. It was really neat and so comforting.  The worse is when they had to give him the block. He had to have 3 of them because it was so bad. The fingers were still attached but barley. It was a long day, but after X-rays they didn't need to do surgery. We are so lucky and so blessed. 

 Our Dr was amazing with Cole. He was so good with him. 

 Getting ready to stitch him up. 
All done
 He was a little loopy and feeling much better. His smile makes me laugh. 
 It might of been the toughest on Mike. He is such a good daddy and felt so bad. 
 Ready to go home. 
 They put a cast on him and we were ready to go. 
 The hardest was keeping it clean. They were worried about infection. His poor hand was swollen for weeks. This picture was 3 days after. 
He was spoiled rotten by family and friends. They made him cards and brought him his favorite treats. We have the best family and friends you could ask for. 

 He had the stitches in for 14 days and then they wanted to see him come back to see how it healed and see if we needed to do physical therapy and see if there was nerve damage. 
 One last pictures with stitches. They were worried for a min and thought they might have to stitch him up again. Oh Cole was so worried, but after 3 different Dr's looking at it - they thought it would be okay and it has been. He has had a few problems playing ball, but other then that he has been great. 
We feel so blessed he is doing good. It could of been so much worse. It was so hard to see my Cole go through that. I love him so much. We tell him it made him tough. 

More pictures from December

Still trying to catch up. 
Here are some pictures I found in the Month of December. 
My Tess thinks she is as old as her brothers. She is very independent and can hold her own. She is tough little thing, but also the sweetest thing. We really love her. 
One day she wanted to sit on the toilet like Zander, so I let her. She loved it.  

Her first time in the snow- She loved it. 
 She is obsessed with babies- This is her baby cousin Murdoch. She loves him. 
 She is the best shopping partner ever. She is so good. 
 These 2 loved going to the UVU games with Daddy. They treat them so good. They were the ball boys this night. They loved it. 
 Jayce had to get his first stitches. He was in the tub and fell- he might of had a little push from his younger brother. His tooth went through his lip. They stitched him up and you can't even tell. He was so tough. 
 Zee is my right hand guy. He loves to help and is always helping. 
 We had to build a snowman on the first snowstorm. 
 This one is just pretty happy go lucky. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Temple Square at Christmas.

One of my favorite traditions with our family is going and seeing the Christmas Lights up at Temple Square. We started this before Mike and I got engaged and have done it every year since. We love it. 
It wasn't to cold and the lights were beautiful. 

My 3 cute boys. They look so big. 

The place where Mike asked me to marry him. We always have to get a picture sitting there every year. 

It was a fun night. So grateful for the Temple and my family. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014


We had a great Halloween. The weather couldn't of been better. I love when Halloween is warm and the kids could have fun. 
The boys had their Halloween parade at school. It was fun. They had music playing and the boys looked really cute. 
This year they wanted to be Star Wars. We always do a theme as a family. I thought this might be the last year we do that. Tess didn't really have a say, so it worked perfect and she was the cutest princess Leia ever. It was alot of fun. 
Love my cute kids. 

After the boys got home we hurried and ran to the Grandparents and Great Grandparents. We missed Grandma Glenda. She was at the store. 

The boys with Great Grandpa Merrill
 We had to go to Grandma and Grandpa Wilson's ( Our Neighbor grandparents) 
The 2 little ones where with us, but to busy for a picture. 
 And of course we had to go to Grammy's work. She was dressed as a cute Indian. Notice Zander in his Jake outfit. He decided he wanted to be Jake last min. Oh well. He dresses up as Jake almost everyday. He is so funny. 

We came home and got the trailer all ready. We had all the neighborhood boys wanting to go Trick or Treating together. The boys have such great little friends. We just love them. 

I was going to have Tess stay with me, but she saw daddy in the Ranger and wanted to go. Such a daddy's girl. 
 Our friend/ Neighbor Jon was more excited then the kids. He is so much fun. Mike and him and a great time. 
 Right when Mara and I were taking pictures- Jon got us with Silly string. Not just a little- but the whole bottle. He had cans and cans of silly string. 

 Mike thought it was so funny. It took me all night to get that stuff off. This picture doesn't give it justice. It was everywhere. 
 The cute little boys going to the first house. 
 I made soup and goodies so after they came home and ate. Grandma and Grandpa Christofferson came and so did Aunt Kelli and her family. I didn't get any pictures. It was a  little hectic. It was so fun to have our family and friends come over. 
Zander was a rock star and kept up with the big kids. He loved it. 
 And Tess thought it was the best holiday ever- she loves candy. 

 One more of my cute princess Leia.